Our Story

In June 2015 I began my online English teaching journey.  I was delighted to find my niche in life where I could be successful.  In the first month of teaching I had taught 100 lessons.  Thanks to my loyal students who faithfully take my lessons on a weekly basis I have logged over 15,000 lessons to 500 students.  As a teacher I am a success because I make every minute count to the students in my classroom.  I have met a wide variety of students:  Business leaders, IT specialists, lawyers and doctors.  All have added to my experience in teaching English successfully.  Teaching young students and adults alike give me satisfaction because I can see the confidence that they are building lesson by lesson. 

Pronunciation is such a vital part of English and many people have taken my Comprehensive Phonics class which decodes the English language into manageable exercises.  I was fortunate to learn how to teach phonics in college.  I attended Baptist Bible College where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Education in 1992.  I taught elementary students in a private school for 8 years.  Then I  married and have homeschooled my 5 children.  My oldest son is a 2020 high school graduate.  The experience that I brought to online teaching is invaluable to my success.  

As my popularity grew online I soon realized that I didn’t have enough hours in a day to teach all the students wanting my classes.  This is when Maggie my Chinese friend accepted my friend Linda as a  recommendation for another teacher.  Through the past 2.5 years Linda has faithfully taught 15 students over 2000 individual lessons.  She has used my curriculum and has had success.  She has waited patiently for me to launch this website so that I can recruit more students.  That is the beauty about the teaching profession.  You can be a great teacher but the students that come through your class make you an exceptional teacher.  With this formula I know I have created an environment that can help any student reach their goals.   

Learning requires motivation and friendship is the best motivator.  Your teacher truly becomes a friend.  Meeting a teacher each week will help you progress and then you too will gain the success you desire.  

Thanks for joining us.  I truly mean when you sign up for a class you are joining a family that can encourage you and find the best tools to help you succeed.

I am looking forward to having your join our school.  Whether you need 20 lessons or weekly lessons we will help meet your educational needs.   

Come grow with us!

Our Mission

To help you learn English Successfully!

As native speakers your teachers bring a love of English to each class and the ability to guide you through your journey to learn English!

A complete online English program

We have full courses using picture books, textbooks and science lessons. We can also help students pass the English proficiency exams.


Native English Teachers

We love building relationships with our students. We stay with them long term so that they are comfortable talking with us on a variety of topics.


Flexible hours

We work with students around the world, so we’ll find a time that works best for you.