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Successful English Student Story: Businessman


Everyone Has a Story in Life

How can you tell someone your life’s story?

What challenges have you overcome?

Many people who succeed are normal people but they do things in a different way.

What makes you different?  How have these things helped you succeed in your life?

All of you work hard.  Those who never quit will succeed.

I’m so glad you joined English Grad.  Why did you join English Grad?

Imagine you have succeeded in learning English.  How will that feel?

What will you be able to accomplish?

What do you need to learn before you can accomplish your goals?

As an online English teacher these are the things I have found that worked best for my students.

People need to learn phrasal verbs.  In fact I began teaching my students to talk in complete sentences.   Simple sentences first, but then you add phrases to make harder sentences.

Phrasal verbs are words that are added to the verb to make a different meaning.

They have heard the term idiom.  These are the words that mean something different than the literal translation.

Read this motivational story and see if you can spot the phrasal verbs and idioms. What vocabulary words are new to you?

feat: accomplishment

Opposite phrasal verbs

Knock you down:  to make someone stop 

pick you up:  to get back on track.

Throwing in the towel:  quitting

Buckle down:  to start to work hard

Motivational Stories for learning English

Succeeding in learning English fluently is no easy feat. It’s too easy to let difficulties in learning English discourage you.  Even when you set aside time to study, life sometimes distracts you and knocks you down. Instead of throwing in the towel when there seems to be no progress, pick yourself back up, buckle down, and get to work.

This motivational story proves that with a little hard work, any amount of English fluency success is possible.

My first regular student was a businessman from Brazil.  He had been chosen by his construction company to go to Miami Florida and open the office in the United States.  He had been working hard learning English and had told me about all he had done to learn English.  In my view he was quite   accomplished already. As I got to know him, (he took 15 one hour lessons with me  in 3 weeks.) I realized that he struggled with making phone calls.  The Floridian accent was sometimes hard to understand. I also was able to pinpoint the phrases that he said incorrectly.

For example:  He say me”. Incorrect

Correct:  He told me …..

Phonics is very important.  It helps you understand the sounds the letters make.  It connects spelling with pronunciation.

I helped him with the “ED” passed te

nse ending. The “ED” has 3 different sounds.  /ed/ /d/ /t/

When a word ends in “d” or “t” the “e-d” says /ed/             loa ded, ac ted

If the word ends with a voiced sound the ed says /d/ calle͟d͟

If the word ends with an unvoiced sound the ed says /t/ talke͟d͟

*unvoiced means no voice

root word + ed (suffix)

Root word

















One reason why my student was successful was because he met with the language every day.

  1. He watched English TV series with a pen in hand.  He used the subtitles and every time he found an expression that he liked he wrote it down. He would tell me about the expressions he learned everyday.
  2. He found other listening sites where he could listen to podcasts.

I recommend:


3.  He didn’t mind making mistakes and he asked me to clear up his doubts everyday.

He took lessons from me because he knew that the key to learning the language was to speak in English to a native speaker.

In my teaching business I see that the students who focus for 3 months taking 2 or 3 lessons faithfully every week can reach their goal of fluency.

There are many things that I like to teach to help my students succeed. Follow my posts and keep answering my questions and asking your own questions.  Let me know what doubts you have in English.  Your doubt is common to all English learners. I will do my best to answer your questions so that you can get the most from being a member of English GRAD!!

English is a global language and once you get comfortable using it what do you want to accomplish? What is your dream?

Please tell me in the comments below why you are learningEnglish. 

Comment and share this post with your friends.  You will motivate yourself and your friend.

You can say

  1. Personal reasons
  2. Business reasons
  3. Educational reasons

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